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Hawaiian Words you might see while on vacation Sep 06


Getting ready to go to Hawaii for your vacation?  Even though English is the primary language in Hawaii, as you travel around the islands you will see and hear many Hawaiian words that are still very much part of the local culture, so I thought it would be fun to share a few:
ALOHA -( ah-low-ha) meaning love,respect,hello or goodbye – usually a greeting  can either mean  hello or goodbye
Especially common when you visit  the restrooms you will see  Hawaiian Names  for  Kane -male  (Mens) and Wahine– Female (Womens)
Keiki  –  (kay-kee) meaning  child or children  ( you might see at  restaurants or the luau referring to the children’s menu)
‘Ohana (oh-ha-na)  family – the whole family-  such as ohana-style at a restaurant would be family style.
If you ask a local for directions  they might direct you to go makai  or mauka 
Makai (ma-ky)(ky as in sky)  meaning toward the sea
Mauka (mow-ka) (ow as in cow)  meaning  toward the mountains
‘ono (oh-no)  meaning  delicious  or tasty  , also the name of a local fish
poi (p-oy) (oy as in toy) meaning – Poi- made from cooked taro and water- the main starch used by Hawaiians, such as potatoes or rice in other cultures
lei (lay)  meaning- lei or a garland, a necklace of flowers, shells,feathers and other things depending upon the occasion, usually a symbol of affection – most visitors receive a fresh orchid or other flower lei upon arrival at the airport.
lu’au (lou-aw) (ow as in cow)  meaning  young taro tops or a Hawaiian Feast- most common for visitors to use as in lu’au the Hawaiian Feast they will be attending at some point during their vacation, if talking about taro with someone you would refer to the lu’au leaf.
Mahalo (ma-ha-low)  meaning  Thank you    Mahalo nui loa (ma-ha-low new-we low-ah)   Thank  you very much
a hui hou (ah who-ee ho)  meaning until meeting again or see you later
Enjoy  your vacation in Hawaii and practice the Hawaiian language when you have the opportunity.
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