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Plantation Gardens Restaurant and Bar May 15

Located in a beautifully restored plantation manor home dating back to the 1930’s on the island of Kauai, the Plantation Gardens Restaurant & Bar offers visitors and residents alike an amazing dining option. Once the plantation manager’s home for Hawaii’s first sugar plantation “The Koloa Plantation”, the property was later purchased by the Moir family who proceeded to build the world famous gardens, so many beautiful orchids and lily ponds, around their home. Once the site of some of the most elaborate social gatherings held on Kauai in their day the gracious atmosphere that once welcomed guest to this Kauai home is now offered to visitors of Plantation Gardens Restaurant and Bar. Visitors touring the Koloa Heritage Trail should plan to include a visit to Plantation Gardens Restaurant and Bar to their schedule.
KAUAI Destination Specialist 117

Special Events, private parties, locations for wedding ceremony and receptions from 10-300 people are available, The restaurant features several unique and inviting private venues for sit-down dinners or standing receptions – the experienced staff will make sure your event is special and every detail attended to.

For information on planning a visit to Kauai contact Linda Dancer Direct Line 828-256-1520   Toll Free 1-888-811-1888 ext 331   Email

Plantation Gardens Restaurant and Bar is located 2253 Poipu Road Poipu Beach, Koloa Kauai Hi 96756 / Reservations (808) 742-2121 / Email

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Koloa Heritage Trail Feb 22

Spouting Horn

Most visitors that  plan a trip to the beautiful island of Kaua’i will at some point probably  hear about  Spouting Horn  but many will not realize that this incredible show by Mother Nature is actually part of the Koloa Heritage Trail  ( Ka ala hele waiwai ho’oilina o Koloa) that introduces visitors to five millions years of exploration of natural history, archaeology, culture and the history of the Koloa District of Kauai and its people, which to most people means the south shore of Kaua’i.
In ancient times land was divided  by Hawaiians into pie-shaped wedges called ahupua’a that run from the mountain to the ocean. The Koloa Heritage Trail travels through four ahupua’a – from east to west they are: Maha’ulepu, Pa’a, Weliweli and Koloa. The  sugar cane industry helped to put the ahupua’a of Koloa on the map, Po’ipu(meaning waves crashing)  is part of the Koloa ahupua’a.
 Without a doubt, the most popular or well known stop along the Koloa Heritage Trail is the first stop  Spouting Horn Park, a stop on most every  tour around the island, and most visitors  will try their luck at getting a really good shot of a high plume of water shooting into the air if they are patient enough.  Known to ancient Hawaiians  as puhi (blowhole or to blow) these natural blowholes are created by the constant pounding of waves that eventually erode caves in the softer rock along the shoreline and wear a hole through the topmost layer, thus allowing incoming waves to generate a fountain up to around 60 feet high into the air, so  keep your eye on the waves as they come to shore.

Plantation Gardens Restaurant

There are  fourteen stops along the Koloa Heritage Trail  including: Prince Kuhio Birthplace & Park (Hawai’i is the only state in the union to have had a monarchy and so much of the history and culture that is Hawai’i is based upon this monarchy), Hanaka’ape Bay & Koloa Landing,Pa’u a Laka (Moir Gardens)**,Kihahouna Heiau(an ancient Hawaiian temple),Po’ipu Beach Park,Keoneloa Bay,Makawehi & Pa’a Dunes, Pu’uwanawana Volcanic Cone, Hapa Road,Koloa Jodo Mission,Sugar Monument,Yamamoto Store & Koloa Hotel, and Koloa Missionary Church.  Each stop along the way  a significant cultural,historical or geological site that is part of the history of Kaua’i. Visitors can explore the Koloa Heritage Trail by  walking  or  by bicycle there are route maps for each.
For more information or to make a donation:
Many sponsors and volunteers conceptualized and prepared this historic journey through Koloa. If you are as touched as I to explore this historical trail,feel free to make a donation toward trail and monument maintenance. The Po’ipu Beach Foundation is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization, so donations would be tax-deductible within the allowance of the law.
Ka Ala Hele Waiwai Ho’oilina o Koloa -c/o Po’ipu Beach Foundation-P.O. Box 730, Koloa, HI 96756
Phone (808) 742-7444- Email
**Treat yourself to dinner or at least dessert at the Plantation Gardens Restaurant in the middle of Moir Gardens at Kiahuna Plantation.
Linda Dancer – Kaua’i Master Destination Specialist   Phone (828) 256-1520

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Tour Hawaii on a Harley-Davidson Feb 08

Lahaina Harley-Davidson

If you  are Harley-Davidson enthusiasts like my family,  you might  want to leave some free time in your itinerary to rent a Harley for the day and explore one or more islands in a brand new way.  Authorized dealers on the islands offer top of the line Harley-Davidson for rent  along with helmets and other gear.
On the Big Island  you can tour Hawaii Volcanoes National Park  – and if you are lucky the lava flow at Kilauea Volcano will put on a show for  you, tour through Waimea, the land of the Paniolos(cowboys) or explore Puukohola Heiau, the largest restored ancient Hawaiian religious temple in all of Hawaii.
On KauaiWaimae Canyon – Kauai’s most remarkable natural features becomes the backdrop for a 44 mile ride across the rim of the canyon, see why they call it the  Grand Canyon of the Pacific,  yes, Kauai has a town called Waimea also, visit the historic town where captain James Cook became the first westerner to ever set foot on the islands in 1778, get a map of Koloa Heritage Trail and follow it through many interesting and historical sites through Poipu and Koloa area or head up north to Hanalei.
Top of the line bikes for rent

On Maui  head towards the upcountry  or  give the Road to Hana  a try –  another incredible spot on Maui is Haleakala National Park but it can be very chilly, so make sure you have warm clothes before you head up to the park which is 10,000 above sea level, lots of switchbacks  so not for the faint of heart or inexperienced rider.

On Oahu   head up to Waimea Valley – beautiful hike through this 1800 acre rain forest and botanical garden,  sitting at the base of the Ko’olau Mountain Range the scenery is gorgeous. The North Shore offers many beautiful stops along the way, one of my favorites  is Hale’iwa Town  – a laid back surfing town, great place to stop for lunch or shaved ice.
Enjoy Hawaii in a whole new way while experience the freedom of riding a Harley-Davidson!
BIG ISLAND  Harley-Davidson   (808) 329-4464
Kauai Harley Davidson  (808) 241-7020
Maui  Eagle Rider    (808) 900-9901
Oahu   Big Kahuna  Tours and Rentals  (808) 924-2736
Just looking for great Harley T-Shirts  visit West Maui Harley-Davidson in the Lahaina Cannery Mall
Contact  Linda Dancer   Email  Direct Line (828) 256-1520

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