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National Tropical Botanical Gardens – Kaua’i Apr 26

Jurassic Park Trees

 The mission of the National Tropical Botanical Garden is to enrich the lives of those that visit through discovery,research, conservation and education.  Their goal is to ensure the survival of many plants species that are near extinction for future generations to enjoy. The not-for-profit institution works tirelessly at five gardens and three preserves in Hawai’i and in Florida.
With three Gardens on Kaua’i  to enjoy, I suggest you begin your journey by stopping by the Bill and Jean Lane Visitors Center  and gift shop, this is also the check-in point to catch the tram into McBryde and Allerton Gardens..
Allerton Garden– my personal favorite  is just incredible, the Moreton Bay Figs (also known as the Jurassic Park Trees) shown here are amazing-the above ground root structure is as deep as I am tall, I felt like a small child standing there having my picture taken.  As you move from one outdoor room to another, one can’t help but imagine what it might have been like when Hawaii’s Queen Emma would visit her retreat, for those of us that visit now, we can glimpse the deep-purple bougainvillea that cascades down the cliffs of the Lawa’i Valley,much as it would have been in her day. Reservations required.

Pools and Sculptures


McBryde Garden – more secluded between rugged cliffs  and stretching down to the valley below McBryde Garden is a garden lovers dream come true, a magical expanse of tropical flora. Many rare and endangered Hawaiian species are watched and studied carefully and efforts are made to protect them from extinction. Take time to visit the Canoe Garden, literally like taking a walk back into ancient Hawai’i. Breath deeply as you stroll along the stream that will eventually find the sea, you are in such a unique biodiversity of native and exotic plants.
Brides looking for a private more exclusive location for their Destination Wedding, McBryde Garden might be a perfect option for you-several locations in this garden as well as the Southshore Visitors Center, can accommodate an intimate ceremony or a grand event.  Reservations are not required to visit this garden.
Limahuli Garden
Located 1/4 mile before Ke’e Beach, north Kaua’i  is set in a lush tropical valley surrounded by towering peaks crafted by years of winds and rain, and offers natural beauty. Walking through lava rock terraces built by early inhabitants and see taro (a Hawaiian staple) still thriving there today. A visit to Limahuli Garden is like taking a step back into ancient times. The love for the land is such an important of Hawaiian culture, and nowhere is this more evident than here at Limahuli Garden. Reservations are required to tour Limahuli Gardens whether self guided or guided.
Headquarters: National Tropical Botanical Garden, 3530 Papalina Road,Kalaheo,HI 96741    email     or
Limahuli Garden Tours  Reservations  (808) 826-1053  Tuesday–Saturday   930am – 400pm
Guided  2- 21/2 hours   or  Self-Guided  1- 1/2 hours ** Visitors must walk 3/4 mile on a loop trail ,steep in some areas so comfortable walking shores are sugested.
McBryde or Allerton Garden Tours (808) 742 -2623- All tours require 15-minute tram ride into the Lawa’i Valley – balance of the tours are walking tours-trams depart from Visitors Center – check in 15 minutes prior to tram departure time -Located 4425 Lawa’i Road  in Po’ipu (across from Spouting Horn)
Contact LindaDancer Toll Free 1-888-811-1888ext 331  or Direct Line 828-256-1520

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Please Show Respect Nov 02


Sacred Grounds

As a travel consultant who specializes in sending many visitors each year to visit The Hawaiian Islands I try to provide them with as much information as possible. Throughout the booking process we discuss  which islands to visit,  which activities, which restaurants  and so forth. I love sharing the information I have gathered over the years and many visits to each of the islands about all the fun stuff there is to do, but it is also my  Kuleana (responsibility) to make sure that visitors know that when they see culturally sensitive sites  marked with signs that say KAPU (keep out- forbidden) they need to respect these sites and stay out.
I was so upset on my most recent visit to the islands while visiting such a site a malihini (tourist or visitor) went running right by this sign as well as others that were posted and just kept on running.  I wondered to myself  how he made his reservations to visit the island  on his own or through a travel agent, and how much time had been spent learning about all the beautiful things Hawaii
has to offer, but obviously very little time about the Hawaiian Culture.
   From the very first time I visited  the Hawaiian Islands, I felt they were very special and continue to try to learn more about the culture and history. It must break the heart of  kama’aina (native born or islanders) when they witness someone disrespect their Hawaiian Heritage. To many visitors  it may just look like a pile of rocks , mound of dirt or something very common, but when you learn to understand the connection between the Hawaiian people and the ‘aina  (the land) it helps put everything into prospective. We grow up knowing that Hawaii is one of the United States, but to native Hawaiians  there was a monarchy and most of these sites have a connection to the royal family somehow, a birth site, site of their residence or sacred resting place.
 They also have a deep respect for their  rainforest, waterfalls, rivers and the ocean as well as so many other treasures that are Hawaii so  please be careful to observe their signs, place your ‘opala  (trash or rubbish) only in designated places and help to maintain the beauty that is Hawaii for generations to come. We should always remember that we are malihini   (tourists or visitors) and that those that came before us took care of it for us and it is our responsibility to do the same for those that visit after us.
Normally  I so enjoy sharing fun  enlightening things about my visits to the islands, but I just felt compelled to write about our responsibilities to always repect the Hawaiian People, after all we are visiting their homeland .
Mahalo Nui Loa ( Thank you very much)
Linda Dancer    Email     Toll Free 1-888-811-1800 ext 331

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Aulani – A Disney Resort & Spa Oct 26

Towering lobby

Aulani  a Disney Resort & Spa is located about 30-45 minutes from Waikiki in the secluded Ko’Olina Resort Community. Located on a  beautiful beach Aulani is a perfect choice for families and honeymooners alike. From the moment you step into the towering atrium lobby you know you have arrived at a special place. The designers of Aulani put a great deal of attention into bringing Hawaiian culture and sense of place in many aspects of design. Restaurant names such as Makahiki (annual Hawaiian Harvest festival), AMA’AMA(local mullet fish) and Lava Shack continue the theme.

Aulani -

Guest staying at Aulani have many complimentary amenities available to them such as Aunty’s Beach House, Luana Lounge for early check in/check out, in room amenities such as robes,mini fridge,Blue-Ray DVD player, daily turndown service, and a limited number of sand wheelchairs are available on a first come first serve basis for use on the beach area, this should give you an idea of what is available. Of course what would a Disney resort be without entertainment and that certainly applies to Aulani / Starlit Hui-an evening gathering of music,dance and fun blending traditional Hawaiian and modern entertainment, Po La’ila’i-Sunset Gathering Ceremony, ‘Ohana (family) movie nights,Mo’olelo Fireside story telling and Character Meet & Greets.

Menehune Bridge

So many recreational activities for all ages in Waikolohe Valley including the Menehune Bridge a favorite for the children where they learn about the legendary “little people” who are responsible for mysterious happenings around the islands, as they climb and splash and play on the play structure. Guest can also climb on a tube and glide through the Waikolohe Stream, snorkel in Rainbow Reef the only private snorkel lagoon on O’ahu, or enjoy the 8200 square feet of the Waikolohe Pool. Located between the two towers of Aulani  the Waikolohe Valley offers hours of fun and memories for a lifetime. It is so hard to describe Aulani in a brief blog post, but I do hope you will  be able to visit soon with your family.

Aulani  92-1185 Ali’inui Drive,Kapoloei, Hawai’i 96707

Linda Dancer O’ahu Master Specialist

Direct Line 828-256-1520 or Toll Free 1-888-811-1888 ext 331

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Favorite Island Signs May 02

Signs are used throughout the world to advertise, bring attention to something or to alert to possible danger. These are some of my favorites that I have seen as I travel throughout  the  Hawaiian Islands. Something to be said  for keeping it short and sweet, colorful and attention grabbing.

Watch out for falling Coconuts at the Ali'i Fishpond on Molokai

Kauai Marriott Weather Station


Original Donkey Ball store on the Hawai'i The Big Island - incredible chocolate and more



Molokai  – Ali’i Fishpond – the Ka Honua Momona Organization is working to restore this historical fishpond, more information to follow in a future blog post

Hawai’i    The Big Island – Donkey Ball Factory – located at 79-7411 Mamalahoa Hwy, Kainaliu ,Hi 96750 – 8 miles south of Kona  – Same factory & store location for over 12 years ! Donkey Balls made-in-house  using only Guittard Chocolate -Handcrafted gourmet chocolates, Kona Coffee and Gifts !

Kauai –  the weather station  at the Kauai Marriott, more accurate  than  other weather reports for sure, it has always been correct during my visits to the resort.

Do you have  some personal favorites of your own ?

For more information  contact me:   Phone   828-256-1530  / Email  /  Facebook


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Planning Hawaii Honeymoons Apr 17

Are you planning a Hawaii honeymoon? There are countless gorgeous, secluded and romantic destinations for you and your new spouse in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. We can help you find the stress free Hawaii honeymoon you are dreaming about!

Once you have picked your destination – whether its O’ahu, Maui or the big island of Hawaii – we can help you plan the honeymoon you have always dreamed about. Here are some tips to help you get started with your honeymoon planning:

  • Plan Ahead. Make your reservations at least 6 months ahead if possible. This allows you to get early booking discounts, and get the type of room that you want and the best flight times.
  • Budget. Splurge but don’t overburden yourself. This is a trip you’ll remember the rest of your life. You’ll always remember the honeymoon, but you’ll forget how much you spent.
  • Check your Calendar. How long do you want to be gone? If you can only be gone for a few nights, look for something close. If you’re planning for one week, try to limit your transportation time. If you have a few weeks, the whole world opens up.
  • Plan to relax. Especially on the first day. Unwind. Smell the roses. Enjoy each other. Weddings tend to be stressful. The honeymoon should be stress free.
  • Accommodations. Book the best room that you can afford! We do prefer to put you at the best resort possible within your budget even if we have to put you in a room without an ocean view. The resorts, however, are always telling us about how many clients try to upgrade once they arrive and see the beachfront rooms.
  • Contact a honeymoon specialist to help you! We can answer all of your questions, and give you the inside information you need to know about all of the destinations you are considering. Plus, we can help you find the special Hawaii package that meets all of your needs. Our packages make your budgeting much easier, because these packages include practically everything.

Pay one price for your Hawaii honeymoon, then relax. We are recognized “Master Destination Specialists” throughout the Hawaiian islands. Contact us today about a Hawaii honeymoon package and let us help you take the stress out of the most special event of your life!

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