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Four of my favorite books on Hawai’i May 31

   Regardless of how many times I visit the Hawaiian islands I continue to learn more about the history of these beautiful islands. Part of of my love for the islands and curiosity  is fueled  by several books I have read over the years, especially those about the Royal Family, preservation of the islands,  local restaurants and folklore.

Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen Liliuokalani   with introduction by Glen Grant  – Mutual Publishing -Honolulu,Hawaii – First published in 1898, this book was a plea for justice for her people during the difficult years at the end of the nineteenth century.

Exploring Lost Hawai’i – Places of Power,History,Mystery & Magic  by Ellie and William Crow — Island Heritage Publishing (a division of the Madden Corporation) – The writers spent a great deal of time doing research and it shows covering everything from menehune, sacred heiau and powerful ali’i. Covering historical and cultural significant sites on all the islands, and providing details, directions to each site and they share their own personal experiences during their visits.

Preserving Paradise – Opportunities in Volunteering for Hawai’i’s Environment  by Kirsten Whatley  Island Heritage Publishing (a division of the Madden Corporation)   to order 1-800-468-2800  — Whether  helping to remove invasive nonnative plants from ancient  taro patches  or ancient fish ponds, building cages in the sand to protect sea turtle eggs from predators – if you are willing to give up one day of your vacation there are many grass-root organizations working across all the Hawaiian Islands to preserve the beautiful islands we all love so much. This book is full of opportunities to help preserve paradise.

The Puka Guide – 100 Hawaiian-Style Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurants  by Donovan M. Dela Cruz and Jodi Endo Chai ( Forward by Chef Alan Wong)   Watermark Publishing   1-866-900-Book      This wonderful little book is a wealth of information about all the hidden culinary treasures throughout the islands – the way the writers tells the history of each restaurant, offers directions, phone number  and hours of operation  and the must try item(s) on the menu.

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