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National Tropical Botanical Gardens – Kaua’i Apr 26

Jurassic Park Trees

 The mission of the National Tropical Botanical Garden is to enrich the lives of those that visit through discovery,research, conservation and education.  Their goal is to ensure the survival of many plants species that are near extinction for future generations to enjoy. The not-for-profit institution works tirelessly at five gardens and three preserves in Hawai’i and in Florida.
With three Gardens on Kaua’i  to enjoy, I suggest you begin your journey by stopping by the Bill and Jean Lane Visitors Center  and gift shop, this is also the check-in point to catch the tram into McBryde and Allerton Gardens..
Allerton Garden– my personal favorite  is just incredible, the Moreton Bay Figs (also known as the Jurassic Park Trees) shown here are amazing-the above ground root structure is as deep as I am tall, I felt like a small child standing there having my picture taken.  As you move from one outdoor room to another, one can’t help but imagine what it might have been like when Hawaii’s Queen Emma would visit her retreat, for those of us that visit now, we can glimpse the deep-purple bougainvillea that cascades down the cliffs of the Lawa’i Valley,much as it would have been in her day. Reservations required.

Pools and Sculptures


McBryde Garden – more secluded between rugged cliffs  and stretching down to the valley below McBryde Garden is a garden lovers dream come true, a magical expanse of tropical flora. Many rare and endangered Hawaiian species are watched and studied carefully and efforts are made to protect them from extinction. Take time to visit the Canoe Garden, literally like taking a walk back into ancient Hawai’i. Breath deeply as you stroll along the stream that will eventually find the sea, you are in such a unique biodiversity of native and exotic plants.
Brides looking for a private more exclusive location for their Destination Wedding, McBryde Garden might be a perfect option for you-several locations in this garden as well as the Southshore Visitors Center, can accommodate an intimate ceremony or a grand event.  Reservations are not required to visit this garden.
Limahuli Garden
Located 1/4 mile before Ke’e Beach, north Kaua’i  is set in a lush tropical valley surrounded by towering peaks crafted by years of winds and rain, and offers natural beauty. Walking through lava rock terraces built by early inhabitants and see taro (a Hawaiian staple) still thriving there today. A visit to Limahuli Garden is like taking a step back into ancient times. The love for the land is such an important of Hawaiian culture, and nowhere is this more evident than here at Limahuli Garden. Reservations are required to tour Limahuli Gardens whether self guided or guided.
Headquarters: National Tropical Botanical Garden, 3530 Papalina Road,Kalaheo,HI 96741    email     or
Limahuli Garden Tours  Reservations  (808) 826-1053  Tuesday–Saturday   930am – 400pm
Guided  2- 21/2 hours   or  Self-Guided  1- 1/2 hours ** Visitors must walk 3/4 mile on a loop trail ,steep in some areas so comfortable walking shores are sugested.
McBryde or Allerton Garden Tours (808) 742 -2623- All tours require 15-minute tram ride into the Lawa’i Valley – balance of the tours are walking tours-trams depart from Visitors Center – check in 15 minutes prior to tram departure time -Located 4425 Lawa’i Road  in Po’ipu (across from Spouting Horn)
Contact LindaDancer Toll Free 1-888-811-1888ext 331  or Direct Line 828-256-1520

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