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Moloka’i May 03

Hotel Moloka'i

Stressed out? Need to unwind? Then I suggest you spend a few hours in one of the hammocks at Hotel Moloka’i overlooking Kamiloloa Beach,
the gentle trade breezes will remind you that you definitely are in a special place.  Although there are some rentals available, the last few times I have visited Moloka’i, Hotel Moloka’i was  my home away from home.  The Polynesian village of  two story bungalows give you all the creature comforts of home, while allowing you space to unplug from the stress of day to day activities, but don’t panic WIFI is available at the bar. Yahoo! Travel featured Hotel Moloka’i in their series on 10 amazing undiscovered islands.  Full service hotel with a restaurant, concierge service, an amazing gift shop and swimming pool.
You will not find the hustle and bustle of some of the other Hawaiian Islands, this has earned Moloka’i several nicknames such as Hawaiian by Nature and “old style Hawaii”, the birthplace of Hula but one thing for sure, with more native Hawaiians living on Moloka’i still than on any other island, you will feel the history of the island, especially when you visit Halawa Valley, Kalaupapa National Historic Park and the Ali’i Fishponds (the oldest dates to 13th century).

Saint Damien

On October 11,2009 Father Damien was elevated to sainthood by Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican, that event alone brought attention to this small Hawaii Island.  Quarantined for life (from 1873 till his death) in Kalaupapa to care for patients diagnosed with Hansen’s disease(leprosy). Father Damien helped build houses, an orphanage,church  and many other functions. Saint Damien’s Feast Day is celebrated on May 10th, worldwide by Catholic Churches in his honor. Two of the churches he built remain today St. Joseph of Kamalo and Our Lady of Seven Sorrows of Kalua’aha (still hosts weekly Sunday Services). Today the Kalaupapa Peninsula is a U.S. National Historical Park, you can view it from the lookout above, one-day pre-arranged visits can be done by flying in, hike or mule-ride down 1,700 feet of the highest sea cliffs on earth (be prepared to be amazed) the trail is 2.9 miles with 26 switchbacks – amazing,spiritual,breathtaking – it left me speechless. Once you reach the bottom you will be met by your guide with Damien Tours who will take  you through the peninsula. Plan carefully the park is not open on Sunday. By the time you leave the Mule Barn, you will know your mules name and be trained by company owner Buzzy Sproat, Hawaii’s resident mule expert.

 The island of Moloka’i is working on sustainable crops and opportunities. One great example of this  is  Coffees of Hawai’i a working 660-acre coffee in central Moloka’i, and yes this signature drink is as good as it looks . Visitors can tour the farm with a buggy ride through the plantation  and sip several flavors of coffee. In addition tours into the Halawa Valley introduce you to taro cultivation, truly a engineering marvel the way the agricultural systems were put in place hundreds of years ago is amazing, but it allowed people to flourish in the small stream-fed valley. Nene geese(Hawai’i’s endangered state bird) have also been released are are successfully reproducing in the wild on Moloka’i. Work is also being done to restore some of the ancient fishponds.


Beautiful Beaches

There are several beautiful beaches on Moloka’i – you can get camping permits for Papohaku Beach Park and One Ali’i Beach Park from the  City & County Parks Department (808) 553-3204  or  but be advised that not all of Moloka’i beaces have restroom facilities.  Other activities that can be found on Moloka’i include  snorkeling and diving (south shore is home to Hawai’i’s longest continuous fringing reef, whale watch during whale season, deep-sea fish  and even play a round of golf at Ironwood Hills Golf Course.  Shopping in downtown Kaunakakai  you will find a little bit of everything , but you will not find any name brand stores , but all the basic necessities  of groceries,hardware,pharmacy,gourmet wine, art gallery, and local arts and crafts and the world famous Kanemitsu Bakery.

Having been blessed to visit each of the Hawaiian Islands many times, I always enjoy my time on Moloka’i, it is a spiritual retreat and heals the soul, it is easy to be transported back to a simpler time in Hawaiian History.   If you do not have time to stay on Moloka’i at least take the Moloka’i Princess Ferry  across the channel from Maui, takes about 90 minutes, one ferry in the morning and one late afternoon,rental cars can be reserved in advance. If you want to visit Kalaupapa , I would plan to spend a couple nights on island .
Hotel Moloka’i – 1300 Kamehameha V Hwy, Kaunakakai, Hawaii 96748   Phone (808) 553-5347
Contact Linda Dancer   Email   Toll Free 1-888-811-1888 ext 331

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Tangs, Manta Rays and Sharks, Oh My! Mar 22

Maui Ocean Center

Maui Ocean Center  was recently voted the “top-rated attraction in Hawai’i by a Zagat Survey in U.S. Family Travel Guide” and with so many learning opportunities throughout the center it is no wonder why, with catchy names like Turtle Lagoon  and Hammerhead Harbor children  all but run between attractions to see what they can see.
Kids of all ages  are mesmerized as they walk through the 54-foot tunnel surrounded by a 750,000 gallon display tank filled with sharks,stingrays,manta rays  and thousands of brightly colored fish. Throughout the day visitors have an opportunity to interact and learn as they watch the divers in the tank feed the fish and they can communicate with them by asking questions through the tour guide leading the learning session.

Captivating Displays

In addition to so many interesting and interactive marine displays they also have a wonderful gift shop Maui Ocean Treasures, featuring Pandora  jewelry and a vast collection of art work, t-shirts, Christmas ornaments,fossils,toys ,books and much more.
Ocean view dining  is available  with a quick snack at Reef Cafe’ or ocean view dining at the award winning Seascape Ma’alaea Restaurant, consider this a unique location to host a group event.
The mission of the Maui Ocean Center is to foster understanding, wonder and respect for Hawai’i’s Marine Life, and for their efforts named a “Leader in Responsible Tourism” in Islands Magazine Top 100 Blue List. 
Maui Ocean Center open daily 9am – 5pm , July and August 9a-6pm
192  Ma’alea Road -Hwy 30 at Ma’alea Harbor  Phone  (808) 270-7000
Phone  Toll Free 1-888-811-1888 ext 331 Direct 828-256-1520
Big Island Candies – Yummy !! Mar 15

     Please do yourself a favor when you are on the Hilo side of Hawai’i  Island (The Big Island) and make time to stop by Big Island Candies.   Since 1977, they have been treating locals and visitors to the island alike with their  amazing chocolate and shortbread cookie creations. While visiting the Big Island Candies factory and gift shop you can watch employees as they create these amazing treats right before your eyes, made with the  finest of ingredients including  locally grown macadamia nuts, 100% Kona Coffee, fresh island eggs, real butter and high-grade Chocolate.

Big Island Candies  has been the recipient of many local Hawaii Awards  as  well as National Awards  such as Entrepreneur Magazine naming them to their list of 51 American Success Stories in 1992 and Honolulu Star Advertiser – Best of the Best -Cookies in 2012  just to name a couple from their long list of awards.

 Holidays coming up? Do you have a special occasion such as  a party or wedding on the horizon?  Not to worry they can customize party and wedding favors for you-sure to be the star of the event and your guests will be amazed not only are the contents incredibly delicious, but the attention to details with packaging are first class, so please consider them when you are looking for that special something for your special event.

Regardless of your preference of flavors they have something for everyone-especially Chocolate lovers like me-the hardest problem is choosing between milk chocolate,dark chocolate,white chocolate,caramel chocolate to dip your short bread cookies in-but they knew Chocolate lovers like me could not decide so they have the Dipper’s Assortment so we don’t have to decide. But then, to decide between dipped Hawaiian Macadamia Nut creations,  biscotti, brownies,cookie boxes, Hilo Market Baskets, sugar free samplers -Oh my! Just plan to spend a while sampling to figure out your favorite(s) and not to worry they have mail order as well.  Happy Sampling !!

Located: Big Island Candies,  585 Hinano Street ,  Hilo ,Hawaii 96720

Order by Phone (808) 935-8890,Toll Free 1-800-935-5510,Fax (808) 961-0659

Wedding & Party Favors  email:

HOURS   Monday-Friday  730am-500pm  (HST) Hawaii Standard Time

Contact Linda Dancer  to get started planning your visit to Hawai’i

Email  Direct Line (828)256-1520 Toll Free 1-888-811-1888 ext 331

 Remember, the best way to enjoy your time in Hawaii is to get out and explore!!


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Hawai’i Island – Outdoor Science Classroom Feb 28


Visitors have always been drawn to Hawai’i (The Big Island) because  of world class resorts, championship golf courses, big game  fishing , waterfalls and so much more, but many do not realize the island is also an amazing outdoor science classroom. Hawai’i Island has something amazing around every bend in the road with science adventures in the areas of Oceanography/Marine Science, Volcanoes and Volcanology, Astronomy, Geography/Biology/Natural History, Aquaculture/Agriculture and Renewable Energy Resources.  Regardless of where you are staying on the island  there are a multitude of places to visit, coded maps to help you locate some of the sites and there are several tour operators that specialize in these areas of exploration as well. Easy access to many of these areas of interest  would make this a wonderful island for families to make their family vacation a wonderful opportunity to learn,so much more exciting than a school class room. Nothing compares to seeing the steam escaping from a volcano, going down into a lava tube and seeing the turtles swimming in a tide pool. The Manta Ray Experience  by far is one of the unique experiences of my life.Dolphin Quest program at the Hilton Waikokoa Village Resort gives visitors the opportunity to interact with dolphins through several programs led by marine mammal experts.
Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

Most people have seen a fiery eruption or red hot lava flow from at least Kilauea, even if just on The Weather Channel,  but Volcanoes National Park actually features two of the world’s most active volcanoes Kilauea and Maunaloa. Within the 500 square mile park visitors  can see the process of volcanoes over the last 70 million years,calderas, pit craters,cinder cones,dried lava lakes,sulfurous cracks and fissures,lava tubes (Thurston being the most famous). Home to the legendary Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele. Visitors will enjoy their visit to the park so much more if they take time to visit the Visitor’s Center first for a quick course in geology, natural history, park layout and safety.You will want to also visit the Observatory, Jaggar Museum perched on Kilauea Crater, and the Thurston Lava Tube, all located on the 11 mile Crater Rim Drive. The park is so big you’ll want to drive but be sure and get out along the way and hike some of the 150 miles of marked trails — Park rangers will also advise you if any active lava flows are accessible during your visit. For the latest eruption updates and geneal park info or call (808) 985-6000.

Fish Ponds

Aquaculture  and agriculture have always been an important part in the live of native Hawaiians, especially ancient Hawaiian Fishponds such as those at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, Waikoloa Beach Marriott, Kaloko Honokohau National Park and the recently renovated Keauhou Resort Heiau project are great examples of fishponds. There are also several land-based farms  that are so interesting  such  as Hawaii Vanilla, Kona Coffee Farms,Hamakua  Mushrooms and the festive Hilo Farmers Market  is one of the best open markets in Hawai’i where you can sample and purchase wonderful fresh local produce, fresh flowers for your room during your visit, have a fresh fruit smoothie or purchase hand crafted items. Hawai’i AgVentures operated by the Big Island Farm Bureau offers a variety of family farm tours. If you are into Renewable Energy Resources  you might want to visit Kahua Ranch in North Kahala in addition to other tours they also provide their own power with wind turbines  or you can contact them  (808) 882-4646. Being blessed with lots of sunshine and strong trade winds Hawai’i Island has the potential to be an international showcase for alternative renewable energy resource exploration.


Polynesians  used the stars to guide their voyages around the Pacific  and ultimately to discover the Hawaiian Islands, so how fitting that Astronomy would also be such an important part of the opportunities of discovery available on Hawai’i Island. Located 13,796 feet high on the summit of Maunakea, you will find 13 astronomical observatories and is considered the world’s best observing site. Beginning with the first telescope in 1968, several groundbreaking discoveries have been made from the various telescopes, there are are more in the plans to be added in the future,making this the home of some of the largest telescopes in the world. For sure a visit to the summit would be a highlight of your visit to Hawai’i Island – I suggest you take a tour such as Mauna Kea Summit Adventures  or Hawai’i Forest & Trail as the weather conditions can be unpredictable and severe.  ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai’i   in Hilo  is another wonderful opportunity to learn about the 13 observatories located on Maunakea plus a full-dome, state of the art planetarium, plus 3-D presentations of data collected from the Subaru Telescope – plus several unique experiences that tie Native Hawaiian Culture and lanuguage to today’s astronomical discoveries. Located at the University of Hawai’i Hilo Science and Technology Park     contact them (808) 969-9700 , also  a wonderful cafe and gift shop.

For more information on booking your Hawai’i Island Vacation  or any of the tours mentioned in this blog post:

Contact Linda Dancer Hawaii Master Destination Specialist    Toll Free   1-888-811-1888 est 331

Direct Line (828) 256-1520 or by Email


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Mike Carroll Gallery Jan 25

Mike Carroll with Linda Dancer

There are many things I love about visiting the island of Lana’i but one of my favorites is visiting the gallery of Mike Carroll, located in historic Lana’i City. As happens to many of us, but few actually get to live their dream, Mike was lured by the spirit of aloha combined with incredible beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. Originally from Chicago where he was a successful artist  for over 20 years, creating illustrations for Fortune 500 companies and many national publications, he chose to relocate to Lana’i.
Since his arrival to Lana’i, Mike’s fine art has been entered into many competitions such as  ArtMaui and all three Hawaii Portrait Challenges (one of only 6 artists in the state with that honor).He is a Signature Member of both the Plein Air Painters Of Hawaii and “Islanders“, a premier group of 10 Hawaii artists. Mike was elected to the Board of Directors of the Hawaii State Art Museum in 2010.
Top 5 Attraction

 Simple items become timeless works of art, hood ornaments on abandoned trucks, roosters, surf boards, gardens, koi, pine trees and pineapples just to name a few- he is just so talented.  If you do not have plans to visit Lana’i anytime in the near future, not to worry you can find him online as well. One of my personal favorites hangs in my office it is from his Surf’s Up! collection    Keiki Surfers, it is just the sweetest painting and I never grow tired of looking at it. If you are or know a golfer his prints of Lana’i golf holes at The Challenge would make a perfect gift.

Thanks Mike for sharing your talent with the world!


Mike Carroll Gallery – 443 7th Street- Lanai City, HI 96763

(808) 565 7122  or Email him

Contact Linda Dancer  Email  Direct Line 828-256-1520

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Ali’i Kula Lavender – Maui Jan 18

Ali'i Kula Lavender

Take a deep breath – exhale !  Again — if you smell the earthy/sweet essence of Lavender, you must be at  Ali’i Kula Lavender nestled at 4000 feet elevation on the slopes of Haleakala crater on the beautiful island of Maui.  True, Lavender is not native to Maui, the dream of Ali’i Chang   to bring Sustainable Aloha to the World more than came true.  Lavender  offers  a feeling of serenity and peace and being so versatile is used in lotions,candles,food, perfumes and aromatherapy.  With over 55,000  lavender plants blooming over 10 acres, Ali’i Kula Lavender  offers the first and only Lavender walking tour on Maui, a visit to the retail store is a must  as well ( my favorite product as an avid gardener )is  Organic Lavender Gardener Lotion – keeps mosquitoes and flies away,you smell good while gardening and the smell of lavender keeps you from being stressed out thinking about how much you have yet to complete on your to do list. Daily walking tours educate visitors on lavender as well as other incredible flora and fauna like hydrangea, bird of paradise and others.

ALi’i Kula Lavender offers several tours, private tea parties and gatherings and private lavender estate weddings (the gazebos shown in these photos are two of the preferred locations),the views from here amazing.  Group rates for private functions can be arranged such as walking tours,Royal Tea Service,Wreath Making Tour and  Lavender Gourmet Lunch Baskets for the group can be arranged as well ( groups are a minimum of ten people) My group experienced yummy Lavender tea and scones during our visit.

Weddings at Ali’i Kula Lavender are a magical affair, for more information email , as a world class Lavender Estate, wedding flowers could not be any fresher . A dedicated  wedding team is available on the farm to help with all of the details .
Ali’i Kula Lavender – 1100 Waipoli Road, Kula,Hawaii 96790    MAUI
Phone  (808) 250-1463 Website  Groups
Contact  Linda Dancer  Email  or phone (828) 256-1520

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Chocolate and Macadamia Nuts -a match made in Heaven Nov 30

Hawaiian Host Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts

There are so many things to love about Hawaii, but one of my favorites is Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts.  As with all things, several companies produce and sell Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts, but my personal favorite has to be Hawaiian Host.  These incredible bites of chocolate heaven  are the originals, treating visitors and locals alike to a wonderful treat for over 80 years.
Mamoru Takitani had dreamed of being a candy maker since he was a boy, leaving his island home of Maui, he decided to move to Honolulu to pursue his dream. He purchased Ellen Dye Candies, renamed the company Hawaiian Host, began to produce his recipe and starting filling orders all over Oahu.
Even though many people have and still try to imitate Hawaiian Host, the unique quality of their secret milk chocolate has never been duplicated. So do yourself a favor and buy yourself a box of Hawaiian Host Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts, truly Hawaii’s gift to the  world. If you need to purchase gifts for folks back home, this would be perfect. Warning- so hard to eat just one !
Hawaiian Host   – Shop online   or Toll Free 1-888-529-4678
Linda Dancer   Email Toll Free  1-888-811-1888 ext 331

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Makaha Valley Riding Stables Sep 21

Makaha Valley Riding Stables

Regardless of how many times I return to the beautiful islands of Hawai’i I am constantly amazed at the hidden gems on the islands I have yet to discover and share with my clients. I had such an opportunity on my most recent visit to the island of O’ahu when I had the opportunity to visit Historic Makaha Valley Riding Stables    located on the west side of the island near Waianae. Literally tucked away in the heart of Makaha Valley,a place filled with Hawaiian history and culture.Visitors have the opportunity to learn about country life as a Hawaiian Paniolo(cowboy) or how to be a sustaining country farmer.You have the opportunity to gain hands on experience and learn about plants and animals indigenous to the valley, hike and discover historical sites, hear Hawaiian Legends and stories, and find out the story about Red Top, one of the mountain tips in Makaha Valley. Field trips and excursions are available to showcase the Ahupua’a system,I was so amazed to see the variety of vegetables and plants currently  growing in their Aquaponic System,truly the most amazing gardening system I have every seen anywhere,the series of catch basins, use of live fish, the recycling of water,truly amazing.Visitors will understand what it truly means to be a good steward of the land and why it is so important to protect the environment

Linda Dancer riding Makani

I loved learning everything about the valley  from an educational point of view, but nothing prepared me for my horseback ride up into the valley.  I rode Makani  pronounced mah-KAH-nee — Hawaiian word meaning “wind” .  I do suggest wearing a helmet  as   much of  the ride is through natural sometimes rugged terrain, but the horses are sure footed,  Pete and Al and  the other guides  are so kind and patient and make wonderful trail guides.   The view  from the top of the Valley was incredibly beautiful, and you just feel so fortunate to be in such an incredible spot on the island that so many people never see since it is on private land. There are many  RIDE options , we took part in the Makaha By Sunset(E NOA Twilight Experience Tour), no wonder locals say that the sunset is best seen from the West Side of the island.  After our incredible ride we finished off the evening with a Paniolo Chicken BBQ dinner (Hawaiian style)  complete with rice,salad,corn on the cob,rolls, fresh pineapple spears, drinks  and for dessert  me made S’mores by the campfire.   Equally incredible would be their MAKAHA BY SUNRISE EXPERIENCE – to fully enjoy the early morning tranquility of the valley – for Honeymoon Couples I would suggest to book a VIP Private Ride.
  The Stables are available to host  group functions , special events  and   WEDDINGS  – so if you are looking for something unique  this would be a great choice.
Contact Michael Takamura – Operations Manager  (808) 779-8904 email
Makaha Stables partners closely with E Noa Tours  (808) 591-2561
For a mountain to the sea adventure Ko Olina Ocean Adventures (808) 396-2068
Contact:   Linda Dancer  (828)256-1520   email 
** Most important **  Helping Hawaii’s Keiki (children)
By participating in their programs, you are helping to support the education mission of Makaha Cultural Learning Center which is a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) a Non-Profit 503(3)C 
                            Don’t forget  the best way to enjoy the Hawaiian Islands is to get out and explore !!!!

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Waimea Valley Sep 15
not your average lilly pads

World Class Botanical Gardens

Waimea Valley plays a rich and culturally significant place in O’ahu history. Each island has a section referred to as Waimea(Hawaiian word meaning reddish water,caused by runoff from red volcanic soil rich in iron oxide)so don’t be confused when you hear the reference to Waimea on individual islands.
Waimea Valley on O’ahu historically was the home to and was ruled by a long line of Ali’i Nui(kings), Ali’i(Chiefs) and Kahuna Nui(High Priests). The last Kahuna Nui to reside in Waimea Valley was Hewahewa, the High Priest from the Island of Hawai’i.  From the moment you enter the valley, you can feel you have arrived at a special place. From the towering trees that stand guard over the entrance, to beautiful lilly ponds  that line the way as you start the 3/4 mile hike up to Waimea Falls there is beauty everywhere. Despite the valley going through many changes over the years, the mana(life force, essence) still remains and the urge to protect this important ahupua’a(Hawaiian land division that extends from the mountains to the sea) is the mission of the Stewards and Staff of Hi’ipaka LLC.
How about a dip in a cool waterfall pool ? 

Waimea Falls

A special treat  for those that choose to take the 3/4 mile  approximate 30 minute walk up to Waimea Falls, the pleasure of taking a dip in the cool pond that forms below Waimea Falls. For those that can’t walk up on their own, there is also a shuttle that can take you up to the falls.  The size of the falls will be determined by recent rainfall on the island overall, but still an exhilarating experience. Life guards and some water toys available to assist visitors. Great photo op for  honeymooners under the waterfall for sure.


Why visit Waimea Valley? What is there to do ?

Waimea Valley offers  Cultural Tours and Events – Educational Programs- Guided Hikes (well worth the cost) -On going conservation- Volunteer opportunities -Special events such as WEDDINGS -Facility rentals for special events- on line gift shop-Moonwalks-Plant Sales- and Workshops(check on line for schedule) a lovely cafe with salads, wraps  and so forth  and treat yourself to a mango smoothie.

Waimea Valley- Daily from 9:00am-5:00pm (Closed Thanksgiving,Christmas Day and New Year’s Day)

Located:   59-864 Kamehameha Highway , Hale’iwa, Hawai’i 96712    Phone (808) 638 7766        Website

For more information on this and other O’ahu activities  contact Linda Dancer   Direct Line  828-256-1520


  Don’t forget the best way to enjoy your stay on the islands is to get out and Explore !  

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na ho’ola spa Sep 09

Elevator to the na ho'ola spa        What is in a name ?   na ho’ola  (many healers) was the name given to  the spa located at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach by revered kupuna(elder) and kumu (teacher) Aunty Malia Craver and what a fitting name.  Her vision for na ho’ola was to take guest on a journey to a land rich in history, culture and healing  and speaking from personal experience she nailed it. From ancient history the highest chiefs declared Waikiki a royal reserve. Taking advantage of natural  land boundaries formed by the streams that flowed to the oceans. One of the most revered of all land boundaries was known  by the name of Hamohamo. This land boundary was the royal retreat for the chief   ‘Aikanaka and his descendants King Kalakaua, Queen Lili’uokalani, Princess Likelike and Princess Ka’iulani . It was believed that the spouting waters out of  the ground produced healing powers and was greatly respected by Hawaiian Royalty, so truly fitting the na ho’ola spa  is such an oasis in  the middle of  Waikiki Beach. 

Wonderful staff at the na ho'ola spa         From the moment you step off the elevator,you know you have arrived in a magical place. Immediately you see a beautiful living wall of some of the most incredible orchids,combined with the gentle sound of the waterfall you begin to feel better before your treatments begin.  You will be greeted by the kindest most professional staff, checked in and taken to the locker rooms to prepare for your journey. Overlooking Waikiki Beach the two story  glass relaxation room is the perfect place to spend time before or after your treatments ,enjoy a cup of tea and lounge on the very comfortable loungers. na ho’ola escapes and packages are inspired by four ancient Hawaiian healing plants that are incorporated into their logo. All treatments stay true to the mission of providing authentic spa experiences that include traditions and practices of the ancient  Hawaiians. From the  six hour na ho’ola experience, to a vast menu of massages,facials and other treatments there is something for everyone. Couples on their honeymoon or other romantic journey can relax in one of the couple’s oasis retreats . I chose the lomi lomi facial (Paula) was my aesthetician and I would highly suggest this signature treatment, it was amazing. I also chose  the ho’ola massage as it is custom designed with your therapist for maximum results where you need it most.

To make reservations please call  808-237-6330 or if you are a guest of the hotel  just call extension 6330  within the hotel  , a credit card will be required to guarantee your spa reservations to protect them from no shows,  48 hours  prior reservations is suggested.

Current Spa Hours:

Spa Facilities 730a-900p,   Spa services are offered 900a- 900p,  and the fitness center is available 24 hours access with  room key  for resort guest only

There is also a wonderful boutique  where you can purchase the organic products used during your treatments , as well as Coco Mango the custom signature of the spa and fitness workout attire .

For reservations at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki  Beach Resort and Spa  contact Linda Dancer   Direct 828-256-1520

Toll Free  1-888-811-1888 ext  331     Website




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