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Ke Ala Hele Makalae Trail Jan 30
Ke Ala Hele Makalae

Ke Ala Hele Makalae

Ke Ala Hele Makalae is Hawaiian for “The Path that goes by the Coast” and what a fitting name for the shared-use path that runs along Kauai’s eastern coast. Completed in 2009, visitors can now walk, bike or run 4.1 miles between the Lihi Boat Ramp in central Kapaa and Ahihi Point in Kealia, as well as bike through 2.5 miles through Lyndgate Park.  Future plans to expand Ke Ala Hele Makalae will create an uninterrupted bridge between Anahola in the north to Nawiliwili in the south.  The flat terrain and lack of big hills makes the Ke Ala Hele Makale trail a perfect opportunity to leisurely bike along parts of Kauai’s eastern shoreline and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Several companies offer bike rentals.

Other biking tours are available on Kaua’i as well and more information can be found on Go Hawaii Website 

For more information on booking your trip to Kaua’i contact Linda Dancer Kauai Master Destination Specialist. Direct Line 828-256-1520  or Toll Free 1-888-811-1888 ext 331


The Kahala’s “Kolohe” Ohana Nov 28
Waiting for breakfast

Waiting for breakfast

Kolohe is the Hawaiian word for rascal!  True to the definition of the word, the family of six Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins are as playful as they can be and is just another treat for the guest of  The Kahala Hotel & Resort on O’ahu.

Soon after The Kahala opened in 1964, nearby Sea Life Park asked the hotel to temporarily host two Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. The dolphins took their relocation in good stride and soon fell at home in the Kahala lagoon. Their arrival was so popular with guest, The Kahala invited them to stay on a permanent basis, and have been part of the Kahala ‘ohana’ (family) ever since.

Since 2000, Dolphin Quest has managed the resorts Dolphin Experience visitor education program. The Kahala ‘ohana’ is now up to six : Kolohe, Hoku, Liho, Lono, Liko, and Nai Noa. Hoku was actually born at The Kahala in 1991. Guest who interact with the six members of The Kahala dolphin ‘ohana’  learn to enjoy and respect the wonders of the ocean.

For a really magical experience (especially if you are traveling with your children) book your room in the resorts Dolphin Lagoon wing overlooking the dolphins as they play throughout the day.

For more information on booking your Honeymoon, Milestone Anniversary or Family Vacation at The Kahala Hotel & Resort, contact Linda Dancer  O’ahu Master Destination Specialist.

Direct Line 828-256-1520  Toll Free:  1-888-811-1888 ext 331  Email:


Why do so many consider Hawai’i for vacation or honeymoon? Sep 19

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Many people in America consider Hawai’i as an ideal destination for a vacation or honeymoon in paradise.Besides the fantastic weather and white sandy beaches, Hawai’i offers a plethora of other activities  tourist do not typically consider. If properly prepared, one can not only relax  but also participate in exciting adventures that are unique to the individual island experience.

Here are a few options when planning your unique trip to


Besides the obvious beach lounging and exquisite island meals
found on your Hawaiian destination, it’s time to explore the exclusive
undertakings that are guaranteed to provide a relaxing and peaceful journey.
These options include things such as; whale watching, dinner cruises,
sightseeing, musical and dance shows, Kupanaha Maui Magic Shows, Maui Theatre and Cirque Hawaii.


Sightseeing is one of the favored options as there is an
abundance of cultural heritage as well as historic American places to see.

Hawaii Polynesian Cultural Center

Hawaii’s Polynesian Cultural Center is one of the top paid
Hawaiian attractions. This sightseeing adventure is a one-hour scenic drive
from Waikiki. With seven native villages, visitors are given the rare chance to
participate in the activities of the daily lives of Hawaiian and other South
Pacific cultures. You will be able to witness the most authentic luau as well
as the largest Polynesian night show, both being a memory to behold.




Where you stay can set the tone of your blissful honeymoon.
Luckily, the different islands provide many different options when deciding
where you will stay on the downtime of your experience in Hawaii.

Kauai Beach Villa’s

Typically filled with colorful flowers, palm trees and lush
vegetation, these Oceanside residences are quite a treat.  With an endless coastline to explore, you
will be able to see humpback whales and dolphins while enjoying the sunset with
your loved ones. Besides for the majestic dining in the comfort of your
beautiful villa you also get to try the ethnic Polynesian food and exotic
fruits only available on the islands.

Staying Active

There are also many
physical activities to participate in that vary from the casual explorer to
adrenaline junkies. Ocean rafting, snorkeling, sailing, jet skiing or kayaking
are a few ways you will be able to further your exploration into the deep blue.
For those seeking a more exciting challenge you can also participate in rock
climbing, horseback riding and zip lining.

The Casual

Some of us just want
to view the beauty of Hawaii in a low key setting. There are many different
ways to be able to do this and keep the experience as casual as possible. Here
is an example of one of the activities available to that type of adventure:


There are many things
to be seen off the coast but there is not a more eye opening activity than
snorkeling. With colorful reefs and bountiful species of fish to be seen,
snorkeling allows those for an eye for beauty to get the big picture on what
goes on underneath the Pacific. This allows for not only fun in the sun, but
fun in the water as well.

The Hardcore

Some of us want to
feel the adrenaline that comes with the physical territory. These options range
in difficulty but will keep your heart beat up and your eyes wide open. It goes
without saying that this will enhance the immersion of your experience in full
throttle as you view Hawaii in a whole new light.

Horseback Riding

Why rent a car when
you can take the truly scenic view of the islands? Horseback riding has never
gone out of style in Hawaii and will allow you to further your exploration into
the hidden treasures that can be found on your island adventure. If you’re up
to it, it’s very highly recommended that you give it a try!

Zip Lining

lining is a favored activity for tourist visiting the Hawaiian Islands. It is
perfect for those adrenaline junkies looking for an intense high brought to you
by the beauty of the natural island. Cross this activity off of your bucket
list and take a dive into the jungle. This is also a great activity for
families and there are often package deals offered.

Plan Ahead

Whatever you desire to get out of your vacation or honeymoon
to Hawaii, be sure to plan ahead. This will further your goals into getting the
most out of a wonderful experience that will provide memories to last you a

** Guest post by Hannah Vergara   – –

Hannah is a firm believer in holistic living and marketing. She is a proponent of sustainability doing her part to exist in a productive harmony with nature. She is currently working as a content media writer for Koloa Landing Resort. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors, hiking with her dogs, yoga and cooking for family and friends.

** Photos courtesy of Hannah Vergara

Your Hawai’i Master Destination Specialist Linda Dancer can assist you with making all your travel plans to Hawai’i

Contact: Linda Dancer Direct Line: 828-256-1520 Toll Free 1-888-811-1881 ext 331


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Watching Mushrooms Grow Jun 27

One of the great things about visiting the Hawaiian Islands is the diversity of activities and tours available to visitors. One of the fastest segments of tours  are foodie , farm or farm to table tours.  Hamakua Mushroom Farm located on Hawaii Island is one such tour that I have had the pleasure of personally experiencing and found the process so interesting. Hamakua Mushrooms are a speciality and exotic mushroom grown in a mixture of corncob, wheat bran and grandis eucalyptus sawdust. Mushrooms are carefully cultivated to grow out of a bottle (shown in my photos above) a method originally developed in Japan. Using the now available automated processes that have been developed allows growers to produce their product commercially. This process has allowed Hamakua Mushrooms to develop their signature “Ali’i” Mushroom.

Hamakua Mushroom Farm  is located in Laupahoehoe on Hawaii Island (Big Island), so think about adding this tour when visiting the Hilo side of the island.  Hawai’i County gives Hawaii Island farmers a chance to showcase their agricultural products while giving visitors a taste of a real farming experience through Hawaii AG Tours.

For larger groups and special events the farm also has an Events House – chef catered menus can be created for your special celebration for groups of 4-50 people or information email  

Contact them directly to book a tour on the Tour Line  (808) 962-0305 

To get started planning your visit to Hawaii contact Linda Dancer  Direct Line (828) 256-1520 Toll Free 1-888-811-1888 ext 331


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The Magical Lure of the Hawaiian Islands Apr 25

Even if Hawaii did not have amazing sunsets!

Beautiful flowers !

Beaches in various colors!

Amazing Natural Wonders!


The Magical Lure of the Hawaiian Islands should still be on everyone’s bucket list of places to visit in their lifetime. While all the islands are bound together by threads of culture and history each island has its own distinct  personality designed by geography and natural beauty found on that particular  island. Combine the tropical beauty with incredible resorts, amazing restaurants, world class spas and activities and Hawai’i should be at the top of the list when trying to decide the perfect location for your Honeymoon, Milestone Anniversary or Multi-Generational trip.

Combine all these elements with music through hula, ‘ukulele and slack-key guitar and the aloha spirit of the Hawaiian people and you will begin to feel the magic that is found in the Hawaiian Islands.

I invite you to share in the magical lure of Hawai’i -To get started planning your trip to Hawai’i

Contact Linda Dancer  Direct Line: 828-256-1520 Toll Free: 1-888-811-1888 ext 331


Kauai’s Kilohana Plantation Apr 18

Visitors to Kilohana Plantation are offered a glimpse into Kauai’s agricultural history.  Built by Gaylord Parke Wilcox in 1935, the 16,000 square foot tudor style mansion was thought to be one of the most beautiful in all of Hawaii with lavish grounds and furniture, a reflection of the prosperity brought by sugar. Once sugarcane was king on Kauai and covered  large plantations of land throughout the island. The mansion was severely damaged by Hurricane Iwa in 1983, but has been completely restored, rooms that once served as the family homestead are now repurposed as a gift shop, galleries, a lounge and award winning Gaylord’s Restaurant.

Kilohana Plantation was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1974 and named a State of Hawaii Historic Landmark in 1993.

Kauai Plantation Railway  takes you on a 40-minute tour of the 105 acre Historic Kilohana Sugar Plantation – the Conductor-Narrator will introduce you to herds of Wild Pigs, Goats and Sheep – feed them if you wish, you will also see Cattle and Clydesdales. Travel through fields of fruit orchards, fields including pineapples and learn about Kauai’s agriculture history. Combined with a hike into the enchanted Kahuna Nui Valley – see amazing floral canopies, tropical forest, feed wild peacocks and play on rope swings.  Enjoy your gourmet deli lunch under the shade of Norfolk Pine Trees.

Luau Kalamaku (Kauai’s Only Theatrical Luau) is now offered at the plantation on Tuesday evenings – or  for added romance reserve the Plantation Owner’s Evening  where you will be greeted with a fresh floral lei and champagne.

Koloa Rum Company established in 2009 has won numerous awards – tasting room and company store.

I encourage you to take time to visit Kilohana Plantation during your visit to the island of Kauai  and take a glimpse of Kauai’s past.

Kilohana Plantation is located on Route 50, 1.4 miles north of Lihue- (808) 245-5608

For more information on Kilohana Plantation or booking your visit to Kauai, contact Linda Dancer 

Email  Direct Line 828-256-1520 Toll Free 1-888-811-1888 ext 331


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Show The Honu some Aloha Apr 11

 Honu (Hawaii Green Sea Turtles) have been basking on Hawaii beaches since the late 1990s, visitors including myself have been drawn to them when they happen upon them during their visit to the islands. Honu have become part of the identity of the islands and hold a special place in the minds and hearts of the people of Hawaii.  Once nearly wiped out in the 1960s, conservation efforts throughout the islands over the last few years has helped the species on the road to recovery.

Did you know this about Honu? 

**  The name Green Sea Turtles is not for the color of its shell -but from the color of its internal body fat-tinted green from primarily vegetarian diet

**  Most Honu live to be 60-70 years old, weight up to about 350 pounds, and grow to more than 36 inches long

**  Can swim in short bursts up to 20 MPH when fleeing a potential predator

**  Typically found at shallow depths 0-20 feet during the day  / diving to 35-50 feet  at night to rest

Protect the Honu by following these NOAA viewing guidelines:  

** Keep a six feet respectful distance at all times – do not crowd, touch or chase

** Never feed sea turtles

** Keep your eyes open for turtles when boating or jet skiing

** Discard trash carefully, especially fishing line – protect their environment by picking up trash you might find in the water or on the beach

** Do not try to push a sea turtle back into the water or pour water on it – They do not need a helping hand from humans.


For more information about Honu:    to volunteer or learn more – a nonprofit organization

To get started booking your trip to the Hawaiian Islands to see the Green Sea Turtles contact Linda Dancer 

Direct Line: 828-256-1520 Toll Free: 1-888-811-1888ext 331  Email


Remember:  Sea Turtles are protected by International,Federal and State Laws.  

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Kahala Celebrates 50 Wonderful Years Mar 21

Since  January 1964, The Kahala Hotel and Resort  on the island of O’ahu has been celebrated as one of the top resort in Hawaii, providing world class service to discriminating world travelers. Over the years the Kahala Hotel and Resort has hosted countless film, television and music stars along with dignitaries and heads of state from around the world.

The Kahala  Hotel and Resort is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World and continues to draw new and returning guests. Those familiar with the resort love the dolphins, the amazing multi-colored lobby chandeliers, friendly faces of employees that welcome them home again and signature service they have come to expect from the resort.

With revitalized guest rooms and wonderful dining opportunities it is safe to say that the Kahala Hotel and Resort will continue to have a virtual who’s who by the resort pool for years to come. Why not add yourself to the list of visitors to the Kahala and let’s get busy planning your honeymoon, milestone anniversary or next family vacation at the Kahala Hotel and Resort.

In celebration of 50 years – some fun facts you might not know about the Kahala Hotel and Resort:

** The resort cost $12Million to build

** The resort site is 6.5 beachfront acres

** The dolphin lagoon is 4 feet above sea level, the first dolphins to inhabit the lagoon were names Uku, Nihoa and Kui and were flown 4500 miles from Gulfport, Mississippi

** The resort opened January 22,1964 – the room rates were $26USD a night and a night in the Presidential Suite cost $150

**  The Kahala Hotel and Resort  was the first major resort to have air conditioning in all rooms.

**  There are 28,000  multi-colored pieces of Italian fused glass in the lobby chandeliers

**  A Beach Bar was opened and used expressly for “Rick’s Bar” in the TV Series “Magnum PI”

For more information on O’ahu and The Kahala Hotel and Resort  Contact: Linda Dancer

Direct Line: 828-256-1520  Toll Free: 1-888-811-1888 ext 331 Email:



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Kaua’i Museum – Hawaiian Pa’ina Begins Feb 28


Kaua'i Museum

Kaua’i Museum

Kaua’i Museum begins Hawaiian Pa’ina every first Friday of the month.

Featuring culinary favorites from award-winning Chef Mark Oyama and live Hawaiian Music. Hosted in the newly renovated courtyard from 11:30 am – 1:30pm

The Hawaiian Pa’ina costs only $20 for adults(children ages  5-10  cost $8.00)

I always stronly encourage my clients to visit the Kaua’i Museum and to be able to combine with lunch and Hawaiian music is all more reason to go.

Sugar Boiling Pot

Sugar Boiling Pot


Kaua’i Museum is located     4428 Rice Street/ Lihue,  HI 96766

Phone 808-245-6931

For more information  check out their website

Be sure and check out their gift shop as well !

To get started planning your trip to Kaua’i contact Linda Dancer

Direct Line 828-256-1520 Toll Free 1-888-811-1888 ext 331




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A New Day Dawns for The Volcano House Hotel Feb 14

For visitors like myself who had been fortunate to visit the iconic Volcano House Hotel, and had the opportunity to warm our hands in front of the stone hearth fireplace dedicated to Pele(that was reported to burn continuously for 133 years) I was saddened to learn that the fire was left to burn out on New Year’s Day 2010.  As with with most contracts and agreements it was time for much needed improvements to the Hotel, Cabins, Campground, Dining Room and Gift Shop to be made and the search was on for a new partner to assist the National Park Service in bringing Hawaii’s oldest hotel( dating to 1846)  to a fully resored new life.

Volcano House

Volcano House



I am so glad to report  that Hawaii Island’s Volcano House Hotel is back and better than ever ! 

From its humble beginnings as a one-room grass shelter to the newly restored hotel today, visitors will be in for a treat much as they were from the very beginning. Officially reopened  following a $4million retrofitting and safety upgrades by the National Park Service and an additional $3Million in renovations and refurbishments by concessioners/owners Ortega Family Enterprices.

Taking advantage of the incredible natural beauty of its unique location as the only hotel within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, hotel guest fortunate enough to book a room with a view of the crater might catch a glimpse of the spectacular glow of Kilauea’s Halema’uma’u Crater, others might have a view of the amazing rainforest that surrounds the property.

Book a room with a Volcano Crater View

Book a room with a Volcano Crater View

Refurbished Guest Rooms: Gone are the dated colors and out dated rooms and replaced by in room touches such as Kohler fixtures,42 inch flat screen HDTVs, modern contemporary furniture with warm color palette for a relaxed and comfortable setting with views of the park, rainforest and crater available.

Namakanipaio Camper Cabins:  are located about three miles from the hotel, are 200 square feet and sleep up to four people- refurbishments include new flooring – Bed linens and towels are provided – there is no electricity or electric outlets in the cabins – no bathrooms or running water in cabin but guest utilize he newly refurbished community bathroom located in the campground with hot showers & toilets(soap and toilet paper provided).  Each cabin has an outside firepit and bbq grill.

Namakanipaio Campsites: Looking for a true camping experience within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, then pitch a tent at one of the 16 campsites- based upon a first come /first served basis , $15.00 per night – a 7 night maximum stay- and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park entrance fee applies- no showers at the campsites -only restrooms.

The Rim Restaurant buffet of old has been replaced by  The Rim  – newly refurbished restaurant at the Volcano House overlooking the rim of Kilauea caldera and the billowing Halema’uma’u Crater . Featuring the best of Hawaii Island fresh local ingredients the creative island cuisine boasts that at least 95% of the restaurant’s meat,seafood,fruit and vegetables are sourced from local ranchers,farmers and supplers.

Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – when planning your trip to visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, if you aren’t able to stay at the hotel, at least stop by and visit The Rim  or George’s Lounge for appetizers and a cocktail. Reservations (808)756-9625

Volcano House Hotel / Crater Rim Drive/Hawaii National Park, HI 96718  Reservations 808-441-7750 or 1-866-536-7972

Volcano House is once again proud to welcome visitors with a renewed commitment to Hawaiian hospitality with a number of sustainable initiatives including recycling program, local food sourcing, an Environmental Management System certification, Hawaii Green Business certification, and becoming a Waste Wise partner and Energy Star partner.

To get started booking your trip to Hawaii Island – Contact Linda Dancer  Direct Line 828-256-1520  Toll Free  1-888-811-1888 ext 331  Email



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