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Avoiding Disappointment at Check In Jul 25

As a professional travel consultant that specializes in planning Destination Weddings, Honeymoons and milestone anniversary trips for my clients, one of my main focuses is trying to talk to my clients to determine the experience they are looking for, and then offer suggestions to help them avoid disappointment at check in. One main focus of our planning is the hotel or resort room that the client will choose – far too often clients will say that  “Oh the room does not matter, we will not be in the room that much anyway ” but I beg to differ that most often, when that door is opened and you view the room for the first time that could determine the tone for the entire vacation, and sadly, sometimes there is no recovering from that first impression.

1.   View does not Matter ? I believe that it is human nature to have a better first impression if you open your door to a garden or beach view than the top of air condition units – such as these photos from some of my personal check in experiences. Obviously budget does play a part in the room chosen, these are some helpful tips to avoid being disappointed.

2.    Work with a specialist –  I spend a great deal of time going to visit my preferred resorts in Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean – from my site inspections I can determine which room categories to suggest to clients with something special in mind or which rooms to avoid that would definitely give a bad first impression.

3.   Cut one night off your length of stay if having a view of the beach is the most important criteria for you but not in your budget then consider a 6 night stay instead of 7 nights.

4.   Be flexible with your dates of travel – promotions are often offered by hotels and resorts / sometimes by altering travel dates by just a day or two a better promotion might be available that would allow you to get the room of your dreams within the budget you are comfortable with, again working with a specialist he or she will know the latest promotions available at various resorts at the destination of your choice.

5.   Be realistic with your budget from the beginning  if you are looking for a Five Star Experience – a full service resort with top of the line room finishes such as granite counter tops, amazing bathroom – is your vision with an amazing tub and separate shower, his and her vessel sinks , full service spa and large resort swimming pools – then settling for a Two Star budget resort is setting you for certain disappointment at check in.

6.   Stop looking  after you make a decision– don’t second guess yourself-continuing to do research after you have made a decision and booked. So many clients spend so much time online doing research, after awhile everything runs together. If you have worked with a specialist they will have helped guide you through all the options that met your criteria to help you make the best informed decision for you.

Unfortunately no matter how much effort is put booking the perfect vacation, something unforeseen can always happen such as ants in tropical destinations, so always contact the front desk and ask for the manager to get the situation taken care of – the entire team at the resort wants your expectations to be exceeded.

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