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O’ahu Photo Tours Mar 20

The best thing about visiting the beautiful islands of Hawaii is the limitless amount of tours and activities that abound on each island.  Vacation means something different to everyone, and likewise there are tours and activities that appeal to different clients-one such unique tour opportunity on O’ahu  is the  O’ahu Photo Tours.  Professional guides help clients capture breathtaking images around the island and with their skill level they will make sure that the memories you make from photos taken will last a lifetime. Oahu Photography Tours is dedicated to making sure clients are in the right spot at the right time to capture the best possible images, whether you have a point and shoot camera, iPhone or the latest DSLP your guide will be experienced with them all and can show you how to take full advantage of your camera(also provide tripods for every tour if needed).

Tours go out 7 days a week from Waikiki, and with only 7 spots available on each tour space is limited so you may want to think about making these arrangements before you head to the islands. This would make a great addition to a honeymoon registry to capture moments from your first trip together as man and wife.

For  more information contact O’ahu Photo Tours directly:  Email   or by phone (808) 679-1938

For more information on booking your vacation to O’ahu contact Linda Dancer – Hawaii Master Destination Specialist –  Email

Direct Line 828-256-1520  or Toll Free  1-888-811-1888 ext 331

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