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The Beautiful Flowers of Hawai’i May 16

Hawaiian flora is as diverse as the Hawaiian Islands – they grow on.  A subtropical region blessed with soil heavy laden with volcanic ash and a near perfect climate combine to make the Hawaiian Islands a perfect place to grow so many different types of flora. Regardless of where you travel throughout the islands you will find amazing flora in abundance in trees, shrubs and flowers , in some cases gorgeous flowers growing in the midst of ancient lava rocks.

Not all flowers that you see growing throughout the islands are native, many were introduced to the islands by various settlers over the years. The arrival of migrant works to the Hawaiian Islands brought a rich influx of  flowers and although they brought much beauty to the island unfortunately it led to the disappearance of many endemic varieties of flora because of the changes in the environment caused by the introduction of these species.

Hawaiian flowers are not known only for their beauty but also for the scents that waft through the air – often you can smell them before you see them because of their fragrance. Flowers such as the ones pictured here Hibiscus, Pikake and Hawaiian rose are used for perfumes, many varieties  of Orchids, Crown Flower, Tuberose, and Plumeria  are used to make beautiful leis. Several botanical gardens are located in the Hawaiian Islands and is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy so many of these beautiful flowers.

Hibiscus grown in so many colors ( Yellow is the Hawaii State Flower) is often used to convey a symbolic message. Did you know – that  if you see a woman with a hibiscus blossom worn on her left ear it means the woman is in a relationship and not interested in another man. If you see a woman with a hibiscus in her right ear – she is not dating anyone and is single. Just in case you ever wondered.   

I encourage you to slow down a bit as you travel throughout the islands and do take time to enjoy these beautiful flowers and enjoy the tropical fragrance.

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