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Show The Honu some Aloha Apr 11

 Honu (Hawaii Green Sea Turtles) have been basking on Hawaii beaches since the late 1990s, visitors including myself have been drawn to them when they happen upon them during their visit to the islands. Honu have become part of the identity of the islands and hold a special place in the minds and hearts of the people of Hawaii.  Once nearly wiped out in the 1960s, conservation efforts throughout the islands over the last few years has helped the species on the road to recovery.

Did you know this about Honu? 

**  The name Green Sea Turtles is not for the color of its shell -but from the color of its internal body fat-tinted green from primarily vegetarian diet

**  Most Honu live to be 60-70 years old, weight up to about 350 pounds, and grow to more than 36 inches long

**  Can swim in short bursts up to 20 MPH when fleeing a potential predator

**  Typically found at shallow depths 0-20 feet during the day  / diving to 35-50 feet  at night to rest

Protect the Honu by following these NOAA viewing guidelines:  

** Keep a six feet respectful distance at all times – do not crowd, touch or chase

** Never feed sea turtles

** Keep your eyes open for turtles when boating or jet skiing

** Discard trash carefully, especially fishing line – protect their environment by picking up trash you might find in the water or on the beach

** Do not try to push a sea turtle back into the water or pour water on it – They do not need a helping hand from humans.


For more information about Honu:    to volunteer or learn more – a nonprofit organization

To get started booking your trip to the Hawaiian Islands to see the Green Sea Turtles contact Linda Dancer 

Direct Line: 828-256-1520 Toll Free: 1-888-811-1888ext 331  Email


Remember:  Sea Turtles are protected by International,Federal and State Laws.  

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