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The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows Nov 23

The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel

The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows is Hawai’i Islands premier cultural and eco-friendly resort. When asked how to best describe this resort, by my fellow Hawaii Master Destination Specialist, I have to honestly answer them it is just a feeling that you have for this resort. Hard to define since it is not cut from the typical cloth of chain resorts, where visitors have an expectation of the resort based upon other resorts.
From the moment you step into the multi-level open air lobby, you are greeted by the sound of cascading waterfalls,tropical birds,  visions of lush tropical foliage and ponds filled with koi fish and baby green sea turtles – no wonder Travel & Leisure names this resort “Top Hotels of the World” on a regular basis.
 This secluded oceanfront oasis  is so much more than just a hotel , it is a journey of relaxation and luxury. With three miles of pristine coastline to explore the choice is yours to do everything or nothing at all but catch a nap in one of the hammocks.
Three miles of pristine coastline

 Complimentary snorkeling equipment to explore the calm coves, historic tours of petroglyphs, educational fish and turtle feeding tours, beach cabanas, sand volleyball, jogger’s amenity station. Explore the resort on one of the many bicycles available for guest to use or take the shuttle service throughout the resort.  Two World class golf courses on property along with tennis facilities as well as a state of art fitness center.  My personal favorite the award winning Mauna Lani Spa resembles a Hawaiian village with thatched outdoor hale(huts) two natural lava saunas,a meditation pavilion,outdoor baths and a watsu pool.

The Eva Parker Woods Cottage

Since opening in 1983, the Mauna Lani has always remained true to the Hawaiian practice of malama’aina or responsible stewardship of the Land . Preserving Hawaii’s culture is part of the Mauna Lani  guest experience, led by Danny Akaka, Jr. guest can enjoy a selection of interactive activities that provide an island culture experience first hand – The Eva Parker Woods Cottage shown here is a mini museum full of Hawaiian artifacts as well there is a cultural center in the lower lobby of the main building as well.

Many brides and grooms from around the world have said “I do” at Mauna Lani  see my earlier blog post about Mauna Lani Weddings for more details .

Contact :  Linda Dancer  Email

Phone  (828) 256-1520   or Toll Free 1-888-811-1888 ext 331

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