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Laniwai Spa at Aulani Resort & Spa Oct 19


Upon checking in at the reception area, I was taken  to the Rotunda  and I was puzzled when I saw this round pool  of stones in water and my therapist instructed me to pick a stone,read the word on the back, she then advised me that this was what my body needed to receive that day from the spa, the stone knew what it was talking about, I left the spa completely refreshed.
It is hard to believe that Laniwai is the first destination spa ever designed by Walt Disney Imagineers, they nailed it.  As someone who truly enjoys going to the spa, that feels that getting regular spa treatments has  medicinal value, I have visited spas throughout Hawai’i, Caribbean and Mexico but I must say Laniwai Spa  is incredible. Since Aulani is a family resort, the designers thought of everyone from singles, couples, families and even hard to please teenagers. Truly something for everyone.

Six unique Waterfall Rain Showers

Regardless of the treatments that you choose, you will experience a journey infused with Hawaiian culture. Your journey will include Kula Wai, a 5000 square foot outdoor hydrotherapy garden  before or after your treatment, Vitality Baths, Herbal Pools and six unique Waterfall Rain Showers featured in the photo on the left. Early Hawaiians used water together with massage to help restore the body. Hawaiians bathed in fresh cool streams, mineral and sulfur baths and used the sea to wash away daily aches and pains. With that knowledge in mind a spa menu full of  Signature Therapies, massage therapies,herbal body remedies and natural skin care was created in addition to the full service salon, state of the art fitness center and so much more.

Teens have their own private area  Painted Sky Lounge (the only teen spa in Hawai’i) reserved for them complete with yogurt bar,facial therapies,after hours events, weekly wellness and fitness programming. Family Treatment Suites invite families to share in a  beautiful experience together , children ages 5 and up can take part in ‘Ohana , a family massage based on the healing  touches of lomilomi or take part in a keiki hula experience, either way gives new meaning to TIMEOUT .
Aulani is  17 miles from the Honolulu Airport–Located 92-1185 Ali’inui Drive , Kapolei, Hawai’i 96707
Contact Linda Dancer  O’ahu Master Specialist    Email Phone 828-256-1520
My next Blog Post will be an overview of Aulani Resort & Spa

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