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Kona Coffee Anyone ? Aug 29

Greenwell Farms Coffee Tour  If you love a great cup of Kona Coffee like I do, I urge you to visit the official Kona Coffee growing district on  the Big Island of Hawaii. One of oldest coffee farms dating back to the mid 1800s  is Greenwell Farms, growing, processing and roasting some of the finest Kona Coffee on the market today.  The family-owned business carries the standard today as established by Henry Nicholas Greenwell, one of the earliest exporters of Kona Coffee from the islands, and can be found in every cup of 100% Kona Coffee bearing the Greenwell Farms label.

Greenwell Farms  is now a multi-faceted  agribusiness. In addition to growing and selling coffee, conducting tours of the farm, gift shop and online Greenwell Farms Coffee Club, the Kona Historical Society and Museum is now located in the ancestral home of Henry and Elizabeth Greenwell. In addition to the coffee they grow, Greenwell Farms  also purchases freshly harvested coffee cherries from over 300 local farmers throughout the Kona Coffee Region and has elevated the farm to the premier supplier of Kona Coffee around the world.

Greenwell Farm Tours  are offered  Monday through Sunday 8:30am – 4:30pm    Contact (808) 323-2295

Coffee Cherry Free Kona Coffee Samples at the end of the farm tour – yummy, hardest thing to do is decide which one to purchase ,they are all incredible.

Greenwell Farms   Located :  81-6581 Mamalahoa Highway, Kealakekua

**** My suggestion try to go on Thursday, The Kona Historical Society practices the traditional art of baking Portuguese bread in a large wood-fired forno in the pasture behind the H.N. Greenwell Store Museum, wonderful opportunity to talk story with locals, employees and the community  and purchase some fresh baked bread in the afternoon . What goes better with Kona coffee than fresh baked bread?

For more information on this tour  or the  Big Island   contact

Direct Line  828-256-1520   Toll Free 1-888-811-1888 ext 331

Remember  the best way  to enjoy the Hawaiian Islands is to get out and explore !

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