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Visit The Lyon Arboretum on O’ahu Oct 12

Visit The Lyon Arboretum on O’ahu

Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-4pm

Address: 3860 Manoa Rd, past University of Hawaii

Location: Near the top of the road

Transportation: The Bus: #5 from Waikiki

Phone: 808/988-0456

Web site:

Prices a new guided tour at $5.00 per person; call ahead to schedule. Please mention Linda Dancer, your O’ahu Visitors Bureau Destination Specialist, so they may track their new business.


The Lyon Arboretum dates back to 1918, when the Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association wanted to demonstrate the value of watershed for reforestation. In 1953 it became part of the University of Hawaii, where they continued to expand the extensive collection of tropical plants. Six-story-tall breadfruit trees, yellow orchids no bigger than bus tokens, ferns with fuzzy buds as big as human heads . . . These are just a few of the botanical wonders you’ll find at the 194-acre Lyon Arboretum. A whole different world opens up to you along the self-guided 20-minute hike through the arboretum to Inspiration Point. You’ll pass more than 5,000 exotic tropical plants full of singing birds in this cultivated rainforest (a University of Hawaii research facility) at the head of Manoa Valley.

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